Health Insurance Renewal & Switching Service

When your health insurance is due for renewal, it’s the perfect time to make sure you’re still getting the best deal. Your premiums will naturally increase as you age, but you may find a different insurer will give you the same or better terms for less money. Our annual health insurance renewal service is free of charge, and we compare the market on your behalf to see if it would be worthwhile switching. 
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Health Insurance renewals
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Is it time you reviewed your policy?

Health insurance policies usually renew each year automatically, which means it is all too common for them to slip under the radar and not receive sufficient scrutiny. Let’s be honest, most of us have better things to do in our spare time than comparing health insurance policies! That’s why we started our Free Renewal Review service.

Our Free Renewal Review Service

Each year, around a month before your renewal date, one of our partner advisors will contact you to see whether your circumstances or requirements have changed. Following that call, they’ll research all of the UK’s leading insurers to see whether your existing terms can be bettered. Finally, we’ll contact you talk you through them and advise you on the pros and cons of changing provider.

Hassle-free policy review in five steps:

  • 1
    Complete our “Quote” form
  • 2
    Speak to an advisor
  • 3
    We’ll research the market
  • 4
    Choose your policy
  • 5
    We’ll arrange the switch
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Health insurance renewal comparison service

Protect your medical history when you switch

When you switch providers it is imperative that your medical history isn’t compromised, with any current inclusions carried forward to your new policy. In some instances it can be worthwhile changing your underwriting terms at point of renewal, but only if it improves your position. If our advisor believes your medical history could be compromised by changing provider, we’ll advise you to stay with your current insurer.

Typical Private Medical Insurance Renewal Process

The process of renewal will vary between each insurer, but will largely follow these steps:
  • 1

    Contact by your current provider

    Your current private medical provider makes contact and informs you that your policy is due for renewal shortly. In some cases you’ll receive a quote at the same time, in others, they’ll ask you to contact them to discuss the policy first.
  • 2

    Get an updated quote

    Assuming they haven’t already provided a quote, they will assess your policy and circumstances before offering you an updated price.
  • 3

    Research other providers

    At this point, we’d recommend you review the market and see whether you are still getting good value for money.
  • 4

    Choose to stay or switch

    You decide whether you wish to renew or cancel the policy

Benefits of reviewing your policy with myTribe

Our advisors are independent and impartial which means the advice you receive won’t favour any particular insurer. We’ll ensure that you get the best policy, with the best terms for the best price.
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Why choose myTribe?

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    Protect your medical history: We'll help you change insurers without compromising your cover
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    Reduce your premium: We can often find savings by helping you change provider.
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    Match or improve cover: We'll make sure your cover is at least maintained, if not improved.
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    Receive free advice: All of our advice is free of charge, independent and impartial.
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    Dedicated account manager: You'll have a single point of contact from start to finish.
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Health Insurance Renewal FAQs

Still have questions about Health Insurance Renewals? Get in touch
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