Healthcare after leaving a job

When you’ve been with a company for some time and enjoyed the benefits of private healthcare, it’s normal that when you leave you want your cover to continue. You’ve probably become accustomed to the numerous advantages that private healthcare affords, such as reduced waiting times, and access to the latest medical treatments and drugs.  

Group leaver health insurance

The first thing to do when leaving your job is to contact your employer’s current provider to get a quotation for the continuation of your policy. Simply tell them you’re leaving the company (group) and they’ll provide you with a personalised private medical insurance quote. Try to avoid going ahead with the cover there and then, as you will very likely find a better deal by comparing providers shopping around. 

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Information about leaving a company health insurance scheme

For more information about leaving a particular group scheme, please click a link below to be taken to the provider’s website. Remember, once you’ve got the information you need, come back to us to compare the quote you’ve been given against the rest of the market.

When does cover stop when leaving a job?

In 90% of cases, and whether you've quit, been fired, made redundant or retired, your business health insurance cover stops on the day you leave the business. In the other 10% of cases, and where it is a director or partner that is leaving a company, there can be up to 12 months of continuation included. To know which camp you fall into you will need to check your contract of employment.

Choosing a health insurance policy

If you’ve been on a group health insurance policy you’ve probably never had much of a say over the level of cover you receive. Now that you’re leaving the company, you’ve got the opportunity to configure your private health insurance policy exactly as you wish, cutting out the things you don’t need and adding in what you feel is essential.

Choice of providers

Another choice you’ll get to make is which insurer to go with. It may be that you’ve had a bad experience with your current provider or you’ve heard good things about a certain competitor. The good news is that now that you’re leaving the company, you’ll be able to choose whichever insurer you would prefer.

Finding the best health insurance policy

We’ve written a comprehensive article about finding the best private health insurance, but you’re best to speak to us to find the right provider for you. Simply complete our quote request form and one of our FCA approved advisors will be in touch to talk you through your options.

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