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About Us

myTribe is an independent health insurance information service bringing together a team of industry and consumer finance experts to create valuable and informative guides.

Our editorial principles

To maintain the high quality of the information we provide,
we hold ourselves to six key editorial principles:



The information we share should always be impartial, fair, and balanced.



Our content should be written for everyone, in plain, accessible English.



We aim to write with clarity, simplifying topics, not overcomplicating them.



We continually strive to improve our work, updating our work frequently.



We concentrate on creating detailed guides that have significant value to the reader.



We respect our readers and the companies that we write about.
myTribe a place where anyone can come and learn about private health insurance and healthcare in the UK. With more and more people having to turn to the private sector, we think it's vital that consumers and businesses have access impartial, accessible information.
Chris Steele - Founder & Editor
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We don't provide financial advice
The information we provide is meant to inform and educate people about insurance in the UK, but it isn’t financial advice. We strongly recommend that before you make a decision you speak to an independent financial adviser to get personalised advice. Please don’t base your decisions on information from our website, as it’s general and what is best for you will be different to others.
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myTribe is completely free to use

myTribe Insurance is free to use, companies can’t pay to appear in any of our articles, nor do we run any form of advertising. Our primary objective has always been to provide people with the information they need to better understand insurance products in the UK. Arming them with the knowledge they need to confidently navigate financial products.

So how is myTribe funded?

After researching products and services via our website, you should always go on to speak to an independent financial adviser about your requirements before making any decisions. If you find an FCA approved health insurance broker through our website, by requesting a comparison quote from us or otherwise, and then go on to purchase an insurance policy, we may earn a commission. That isn’t always the case, though, and many people use our website each year and then go on to purchase a product directly from a provider or via another channel, both of which would mean we earn no commissions.
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