AXA PPP Healthcare - A Brief Guide

Axa Health is a leading provider of health insurance in the UK, this guide tells you what you need to know before getting covered.

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Having been around for over 70 years, they are one of the largest and most trusted private healthcare companies in the UK, paying over £3m in claims every working day.

AXA PPP Company history

Originally founded in 1940 by a group of hospitals and doctors, Axa PPP aimed to help average earners access expert medical care. Today, they have over 250 hospitals in their directory and more than 33,000 practitioners and consultants within their network.

Axa PPP healthcare have been helping people with their health and wellbeing for longer than the NHS has. We’ve summarised their company history below:

  • London Association for Hospital Services Ltd (LAHS) established in September 1940 
  • LAHS renamed as Private Patients Plan Ltd in 1962
  • Purchased by Guardian Royal Exchange Group in 1998
  • GRE Purchased by Sun Life and Provincial Holdings in 1999
  • Now a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Axa Group
  • Name changed to Axa PPP Healthcare in 2002
  • Aquisition of ICAS in 2007

AXA Group

Being part of the Axa Group, one of the world's largest insurers, should give you the confidence that you are dealing with a reliable and secure company. In the UK, over 16 million people are insured by the Axa Group, meaning that the Great British Public obviously put their trust in them.

The Axa Group provides a variety of financial services, from car insurance to business cover, and have been awarded a 5-star Defaqto rating, as well as the “Best direct healthcare provider 2019”, by Your Money

In this article, we’ll be looking at AXA PPP Health Insurance, what and who they cover, the benefit to policyholders and the additional services they offer.

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AXA health insurance benefits

There are numerous benefits to AXA Private Health Insurance such as:

  1. Be seen by a professional quickly and benefit from fast diagnosis and treatment.
  2. Optional Fast Track Appointments on policies which include out-patient cover.
  3. Subject to your medical history and policy, you may be able to access approved cancer drugs before they would be available through the NHS.
  4. Access to over 250 hospitals and 33,0000 industry specialists.
  5. 24/7 remote support if you have any questions about your health through their ‘Health at Hand’ service.
  6. Enhanced cover options for families and children’s health insurance.
  7. Health and wellbeing advice and benefits to help policyholders live a healthier life.
  8. Flexibility to add or restrict coverage based on the options AXA give their policyholders.

Axa PPP Health Insurance

Axa PPP’s health insurance plans are among the best policies currently available in the UK. With everything from cost-effective to all-inclusive, their plans are flexible and can fit around your needs and requirements. Their core policy is called “Personal Health”, which covers treatment for a range of conditions. 

Personal Healthcare Plans 

Axa PPP Healthcare has made their personal healthcare plans flexible to suit an individual’s needs and requirements. With their Health Select policies, you get core cover with the option to add-on extras. Some of the benefits are:

  • Add-ons include three levels of outpatient cover, therapies, mental health treatment and travel cover
  • A range of cost-controlling options including a choice of excess levels

Axa PPP Business Health Insurance

Axa PPP has developed a range of smart health and wellbeing solutions to help businesses, large and small, manage emerging challenges, such as inactive lifestyles, mental health and stress.

Business Healthcare

The Business Health Select plans provide your employees and your business a range of cover and cost-control options, which are flexible enough to fit most businesses’ needs and budget. Choose from a variety of add-ons based on the conditions and treatments you wish to be included. Some of the key benefits are:

  • Prompt access to eligible treatment at a carefully selected hospital, allowing employees to get back to work quickly
  • A wide range of Add-ons and levels of cover, including Therapies, Extra Cancer Care, Mental Health, Dentist and Optician, Travel and Employee Assistance Programme


Cash plans are a low cost and easy way to give you money back towards the cost of private healthcare. Axa offers a range of plans that can include money back towards the cost of dental treatments, eye tests and physiotherapy, as well as cash benefit towards unexpected events like a hospital stay. Benefits of a Cashback scheme for business:

  • Low-cost alternative to full private health insurance
  • Valued staff benefit

Health and wellbeing solutions

Health and wellbeing solutions are designed to help you and your employees combat the challenges caused by modern unhealthy lifestyles, combatting issues such as poor diet and stress before they result in absence from work. Some of the key features of these programmes include:

  • Employee assistance programmes - targeted, cost-effective ways to manage stress
  • Occupational health - helps to prevent illness and accidents at work

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Disclaimer: This information is general and what is best for you will depend on your personal circumstances. Please speak with a financial adviser or do your own research before making a decision.

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