Check to see if your policy covers diagnostic tests

Some health insurance providers in the UK include diagnostic testing with their core policies. However, others will only offer it if you opt for outpatient cover and pay a higher monthly premium.

You can expect to pay a bit more to include diagnostic tests

Although diagnostic testing and procedures are often far cheaper than major surgery, there is a significantly higher probability that you will claim for tests.

Most people throughout the year will experience some form of health concern, which could result in the need for a test or specialist consultation. However, only a small proportion of those will then need surgical treatment; thus, adding outpatient cover to health insurance policies, including diagnostic testing, tends to increase premiums substantially.

If you're looking to balance the cost of your health insurance, an option could be to "self-insure" yourself for diagnostic testing and opt for a policy which covers major surgery. This is often a solution opted for by people as they get older as the cost of health insurance rises quite dramatically.

Chris Steele
Founder and Editor

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