Acute conditions are usually of short duration.

Unlike long-term chronic conditions, acute medical conditions are typically short-term. Examples of acute conditions include:

  • Broken bones
  • Appendix surgery
  • Cataracts

Most private health insurance policies in the UK are designed to cover the treatment of acute conditions that develop after the policy starts rather than chronic or pre-existing ones. However, the specific definition and the conditions covered can vary among different insurance providers, so it's crucial to read the policy details carefully and, if needed, consult directly with the insurance provider for clarification.

Cancer and mental health conditions

Cancer cover is usually a core part of a health insurer's product, even in their basic policies. However, Cancer is often a long-term condition similar to chronic illnesses. It may not respond to treatment, and people can battle it for many years. Despite this, insurers understand that Cancer is a significant worry and driver for people taking out health insurance; therefore, coverage is usually comprehensive. 

Mental health conditions can also be chronic; therefore, you might expect them to be automatically excluded from policies. However, if you opt for Mental Health cover as an additional option on your health insurance, you should be covered as long as the condition isn't pre-existing.

Chris Steele
Founder and Editor

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