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UK Family Health Insurance

Compare UK family health insurance policies with myTribe and get the best cover for you and your loved ones. Avoid NHS waiting lists, receive high-quality care and access the latest treatments available.
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What is family health insurance?

Family health insurance, often referred to as private medical insurance (PMI), provides you and those closest to you with access to the UK’s private healthcare services.
Benefits of family health insurance

Benefits of family health insurance

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    You and your loved will be treated at a time that suits you
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    Avoid potentially long delays on NHS waiting lists
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    Access to the latest treatments and drugs, even those not currently available on the NHS
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    Overnight accommodation for parents whose children (that are covered by the policy) are admitted for inpatient treatment.
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Compare UK Family Health Insurance

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What does family private health insurance cover?

Family private health insurance will only cover the cost of acute conditions, meaning those which are short term and curable, and not long term, incurable chronic conditions. As each provider, their policies and cover are different, it’s always best to speak to one of our specialists and get free advice on which provider will be best for you before making a decision.

Inpatient cover

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All family health insurance policies will cover the cost of treatment where a hospital bed is needed. Basic health insurance policies will often only offer inpatient cover, while more comprehensive policies will cover outpatient services too.

Outpatient cover

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Outpatient cover pays for some or all of the costs relating to acute conditions that don’t require a hospital bed. The most comprehensive policies will typically cover you for all of your outpatient diagnosis, consultations and treatments.

What is not covered by family private health insurance?

What isn’t included under your family's health insurance will vary from between each provider and their policies, but consistently you’ll find that the following aren’t included in your cover:
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    Pre-existing conditions
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    Chronic conditions
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    GP services
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    Emergency services
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    Normal pregnancy
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How much does UK family health insurance cost?

There are many factors that will affect the cost of your family's health insurance, from your age and medical history through to your chosen level of cover and hospital list. Broadly speaking, a family of four, with two adults and two children under ten can expect to pay anywhere from £800 - £2,000 per year. As you get older your premiums will increase, but it is always worth checking with us at renewal time to see if another provider might be able to offer you a better deal.

Choosing the right family healthcare policy

When choosing the best private healthcare policy for your family there are several key considerations that you should bear in mind:
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    Do you require access to quicker diagnosis?

    Outpatient diagnostics and consultations aren’t usually included on basic policies, so if you’re keen to avoid potential delays of being assessed through the NHS, you’d be best to consider a more comprehensive policy.
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    Better or more convenient hospitals and treatments

    Every provider and policy will have a different list of hospitals and treatments that are available, so it’s important to consider those when choosing your policy. For instance, you’ll probably want to make sure that private hospitals that are local to you are included.
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    Cover for specific illnesses or drugs

    Run into troAre there certain illnesses which your family are more predisposed to? If so you’ll want to make sure they are covered in your policy. Equally, if you want access to the latest drugs, you’ll need to make sure they’re included.uble? Don't fret, our friendly support staff have you covered.
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    Affordability today and tomorrow

    It’s always important to make sure that your health insurance is affordable, not just today, but in the future too. With premiums typically rising each year as you and your family age, the last thing you want is for your health insurance to become unaffordable.
Choosing Family Healthcare Policy

Best family health insurance companies

Here we are showcasing the best five family health insurance companies in the UK. All of these are household names that allow for policies to be tailored to families’ needs.

Bupa Family Health Insurance

Bupa is a household name having been established for over 60 years. They provide two primary types of plans for families, Comprehensive (full in and outpatient care) and Treatment & Care (inpatient only). Regardless of which plan you choose, mental health cover is included as standard.

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Aviva Family Health Insurance

Aviva provides health insurance through their Healthier Solutions product which can be tailored to your budget and requirements. Aviva’s family cover allows you to pay for the eldest child under 20 years of age and then all other children under 20 will be covered for free.

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Vitality Family Health Insurance

Vitality has created an innovative approach to health insurance with their Vitality plan, which rewards you will points and reduced premiums for healthy living. This approach places emphasis on healthy living and illness prevention rather than just focusing on cure.

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Axa PPP Family Health Insurance

Axa PPP’s enhanced family care provides a range of benefits and can be customised to suit your families’ requirements.

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The Exeter Family Health Insurance

The Exeter Family Friendly is a mutual society with over 60,000 members. Their health insurance policy is known as The Exeter Health+, which like Bupa includes mental health cover as standard.

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Freedom Health Insurance

Freedom Health Insurance is a smaller provider based in Bournemouth, providing a much more personal approach to health insurance.

Compare the UK’s Leading Providers of Family Health Insurance

To get your free quotes for family health insurance please complete the form below. We’ll then go out the UK’s leading health insurers on your behalf and then will contact you with a summary of the results. The price you get will be the best currently available and as we are completely independant, you’ll receive impartial advice on which policy is best for you.
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Family health insurance FAQs

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