Health Insurance for dentists and doctors (private medical cover for medical professionals)

Chris Steele
Founder and Editor
Chris is our resident private health insurance and healthcare expert. He has over a decade of experience writing about private medical insurance and treatment. He's Chartered Insurance Institute qualified and is regularly quoted by the national press.
Chris Steele
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May 8, 2024

Health insurance for dentists, doctors and other medical professionals are really no different from Private Medical Insurance for other non-medical professions, but finding the right policy can still take time.

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What is dentist and doctors health insurance?

As a dentist, doctor or another medical professional you’ll know firsthand the strain the NHS is under so it’s little wonder that you’re looking for and considering private cover, it protects you and eases the burden on the NHS at the same time.

We regularly help all of the following medical professionals access the best health insurance

  • Doctors
  • Dentists
  • Nurses
  • Surgeons

All of the medical professionals that we help with private health insurance tend to be looking for the same thing, the ability to be treated quickly should they become unwell. 

What does private health insurance offer to dentists and doctors?

Broadly speaking private health insurance will offer the following to dentists and doctors:

  • Private healthcare treatments when you need it, bypassing NHS waiting lists
  • Peace of mind - you know you’ll be seen and treated quickly and receive the highest level of care
  • A choice over where and when your treatment takes place
  • Access to drugs and treatments which may not be available on the NHS

What does private medical insurance for dentists and doctors cover?

All private medical insurance policies will cover the cost of treating eligible, acute conditions which require an overnight stay in hospital. Many policies will also cover the cost of day-patient treatments, with only the most comprehensive covering outpatient diagnosis and treatment. 

Inpatient and Day-patient cover

Most providers and policies will cover you for treatments where a hospital bed is required overnight or just for a day. Assuming you don’t have outpatient cover, you’ll need to be diagnosed via the NHS and then you’ll be referred to a private hospital for your treatment. If you want to avoid potential delays in being diagnosed then read on as you likely will want to opt for outpatient cover too.

Outpatient cover

The most comprehensive health insurance policies will cover you for outpatients treatments and diagnosis, at least in part. Having this level of cover is where private medical insurance really comes into its own as you can receive your diagnosis and ultimately your treatment much faster.

Outpatient cover typically will also cover things like physiotherapy, which as you’ll know can have a very long waiting list on the NHS.

Whether you do or don’t have outpatient cover will be one of the primary factors affecting the cost of your policy. 

In the next section of this article, we look at more of the costs which will affect the cost of your private health insurance.

Additional options

All health insurance policies for doctors and dentists, from the most basic to compressive, will allow you to add various additional extras. These can include anything from dental cover through to mental health cover if those aren’t included in the base policy. Whenever you’re looking at health insurance, in particular, it’s helpful to speak to an independent advisor who can appraise the market on your behalf and provide you with the most suitable policy for your needs.

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How much does health insurance cost for a dentist or doctor?

The cost of health insurance for dentists, doctors and other medical professionals depends on a variety of factors, some you’ll have control over and others you won’t.

Factors you have control over:

  • The level of cover you choose for
  • The excess on the policy
  • The hospital list you choose
  • The provider you go with

Factors you won’t have control over:

  • Your location (not easy to change anyway)
  • Your age
  • Your medical history

Ultimately, the younger and healthier you are, the lower your health insurance premiums will be.

Do doctors need health insurance?

The NHS is amazing, indeed it’s rare to find such a large organisation that is so universally loved, treating a staggering 1 million patients every 36 hours is simply brilliant. However, healthcare workers have experienced first hand how much strain the NHS is under, especially so in recent times with Covid-19. The population has aged and become increasingly unhealthy, even before we factor in a global pandemic.

Still, health insurance for doctors is a luxury, not a necessity and you can be seen and treated by the NHS if you want to. 

More and more doctors and dentists are turning to private medical insurance not only to protect themselves but to remove themselves from an already stretched system. Chances are if you work in a medical profession, you’re classed as a keyworker, meaning you’re vital to the backbone of our country too. The question, therefore, may be for doctors and dentists, can you afford not to have private medical insurance?

Can I still use the NHS if I have doctors or dentists health insurance?

Yes, of course, you can, private medical insurance is designed to work in conjunction with NHS services and not instead of. There are services such as accident and emergency which private healthcare can’t provide, so you still very much need the NHS.

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Top health insurance companies for doctors and dentists

There’s a number of leading companies which are a good fit for most doctors and dentists including the following:

  • Aviva
  • Bupa
  • The Exeter
  • Vitality

Get expert advice from an expert in doctors and dentist health insurance

We work with doctors and dentists on a regular basis helping them to find the best policy for their circumstances. We take the hassle out of finding the right health insurance policy and can even offer advice on other financial services products such as which is the best life insurance companies for you. Best of all the service that we provide is free of charge and you’ll get the best prices currently available by coming through us. If you’d like to quickly compare the market for the best doctors and dentist cover then click this link and complete our short form.

Disclaimer: This information is general and what is best for you will depend on your personal circumstances. Please speak with a financial adviser or do your own research before making a decision.

This article was written by:
Chris Steele
Founder and Editor

Chris is our resident private health insurance and healthcare expert. He has over a decade of experience writing about private medical insurance and treatment. He's Chartered Insurance Institute qualified and is regularly quoted by the national press.

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