What is a health insurance broker?

A health insurance broker is an independent agency that helps individuals and businesses find the best health insurance policy for them. Health insurance brokers usually start by doing a fact find into your background and medical history before working on your behalf to get you the best deal. Health insurance brokers are usually paid directly by the insurers which means there’s usually no direct cost of using a service like ours. The best private medical insurance brokers will be authorised and regulated by the financial conduct authority and will provide you with independent healthcare advice.

What does a health insurance broker do?

A health insurance broker helps in every stage of your PMI (private medical insurance) policy application. They’ll first take time to get to know you and your circumstances before performing a comprehensive market review on your behalf. The broker will then report back to you with their findings and offer their advice and recommendations as to which policy best fits your needs. As an expert and specialist in healthcare, a health insurance broker will scour the market to find the best deal and work on your behalf throughout the process.

Health insurance broker
Health Insurance Broker

Who are myTribe Insurance?

myTribe Insurance is a UK based private medical insurance broker that provides specialist advice to business and individuals. With years of experience helping people find the right private healthcare, our team will provide you with independent advice and work on your behalf to get you the best policy. Recently featured in The Guardian, myTribe insurance is the financial expert you can trust to help you find the right protection.

Benefits of working with a private health insurance broker

We've given you an introduction to brokers in general and myTribe so lets now look at the top reasons for using a private medical insurance broker.

1) You'll save time

One of the main reasons you’d use a private medical insurance broker is that they’ll save you time. Whether you’re looking for health insurance for the first time or would like to review the possibility of switching providers at policy renewal time the process of comparing providers and policies can be laborious and timeconsuming. Save yourself the bother and have an independent healthcare specialist review the market on your behalf.

2) A broker saves you money

Probably the ultimate reason for using a health insurance broker, working with one will invariably save you money. We can quickly compare the UK’s leading providers of private health insurance and give you what are the best prices currently available. Without this information, you could very easily overpay for your health insurance. It’s especially true as you age and your premiums increase, if you don’t shop around each year you will end up paying over the odds.

If your private health insurance policy is due for renewal or if you're getting a private healthcare policy for the first time, call us.

3) Free health insurance advice

The great thing about the health insurance brokering service we provide is that we can offer you advice and guidance along the way. Not only that but the advice free of charge, you don’t have to pay anything for it. You can ask us about anything relating to health and life insurance and our expert advisors will be able to assist.

Our brokers are experienced in everything from business to family healthcare and can advise you on all of the leading insurers in the UK.

4) Health insurance jargon explained

There is a fair amount of jargon when it comes to health insurance, from moratoriums to excesses, all of the terminologies can leave you in a spin. We take the time to explain any terminology insurers might be using and ensure that you fully understand what you’re buying before you sign up. We share our experience and take care to provide you with easy to understand financial advice.  

5) Peace of mind

Let’s be honest, when you buy any form of insurance it’s to give you peace of mind, so it’s important that when you buy your health insurance it does just that. By working with a health broker you will have the peace of mind that someone else who has been professionally trained has undergone a market review on your behalf. You’ll get expert advice and find the right policy for your specific circumstances.

Health insurance broker gives peace of mind

6) FCA Registered

All credible health insurance brokers will be FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) registered. myTribe only works with FCA approved advisors so you can rest assured that you’re getting the very best service and advice by working with us.

7) A health insurance broker works on your behalf

Health insurance brokers work for you, not for the insurance companies. What that means is that they are professionally obligated to provide you with the best service possible and make sure that you end up with the right policy for your needs. Unlike when you speak to advisors from the insurers themselves, health insurance brokers aren’t tied to a single provider and can, therefore, provide you with objective policy advice.

8) Assistance with claims

Another plus of using a health insurance broker is that they will be there to help should something go wrong during the claims process. Most claims, of course, are paid without issue, but it’s useful to know you’ve got an independent expert on your side should something go wrong. It’s just more peace of mind.

9) Annual renewal review

The price of health insurance policies almost always increase as you age, and especially will if you’ve made a claim or developed medical conditions. By working with a health insurance broker, they will review your policy each year for your at health insurance renewal time to make sure you’re still getting the best deal. While you may choose not to switch, it’s a great service to have that’s completely free of charge.

10) Brokers can advise on other products

A good broker will be trained to advise on other products too, such as life and income protection insurance. By working with a broker, you can have all of your policies taken care of by a single person, rather than needing to explain your circumstances over and over again to different companies.

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