The best private GPs in London are:

Broadgate GP

65 London Wall, London, EC2M 5TU

Tel – 020 7638 4330

Broadgate GP is a private GP clinic near Liverpool Street station, providing fast appointments for people who want to see a GP as soon as possible. They also offer a prescription service. Broadgate GP provides end-to-end treatment and a comprehensive range of services, including sexual health services, screenings and vaccines. If you’re travelling abroad and need inoculations, Broadgate GP can give you the right jabs without the wait. If you’re going in for a blood test, you’ll receive your results quickly and efficiently. 

From the initial diagnosis to the end of your treatment, Broadgate GP provides end-to-end GP services to the highest possible standards. You can book an appointment online at a time that suits you, or you can simply walk in and the team will arrange the earliest possible appointment for you. If you live or work in the City of London, Broadgate GP is ideally situated. 

Cleveland Clinic

33 Grosvenor Place, London SW1X 7HY

Tel – 020 3423 7500

Cleveland Clinic is a worldwide private healthcare delivery brand, with locations in the US, Canada and Abu Dhabi. Its London branch is in Grosvenor Place (near Buckingham Palace), with an outpatient centre in Portland Place. Cleveland Clinic London’s GPs offer expert care when you need it, offering same-day and next-day consultations, as well as weekend clinics. They will also endeavour to arrange that you always see the same GP when you visit, so you can build a relationship.

Services offered include imaging exams, diabetes management, high blood pressure treatment, mental health consultation and much more. Cleveland Clinic also offers speciality women’s health and general paediatric treatments. If you’re coming to London from overseas, Cleveland Clinic London is geared up to give you the GP services you need, with a global patient services team and on-site interpreters to ensure you have the best medical experience. 

Fleet Street Clinic

29 Fleet Street, London EC4Y 1AA

Tel – 020 7353 5678 

Situated in the heart of London, between the City and the West End, Fleet Street Clinic has been providing high-quality medical care for more than 25 years. Fleet Street Clinic gives its clients access to medical support and expert treatment with experienced private GPs, whenever you need it. Even when you request a same-day appointment, the team always tries to make sure you always see the same GP, so you can build a relationship based on understanding and trust. Fleet Street Clinic GPs can even come to your home or place of work if needed.

Services provided include standard GP consultations, chronic health condition treatment, tests and screenings, medicals, prescriptions and specialist referrals. Fleet Street Clinic aims to be like a traditional family practice, with doctors that take the time to get to know you. The only difference is that they’re in the centre of the Capital. 

The Medical Chambers

10 Knaresborough Place, Kensington, London SW5 0TG

Tel – 020 7244 4200

The Medical Chambers understands that when something is wrong, the earlier you can see a GP, the better. They aim to make it as simple as possible to book an appointment. Then, when you visit your GP, you get the best treatment available. The average consultation length with a conventional doctor is 9 minutes. At The Medical Chambers, an appointment lasts 30 minutes. This means your GP can go through your medical history, assess your needs and situation, and get to know you on a more personal level. It’s more than just addressing the presented symptoms.

There are five GPs practising at The Medical Chambers. Each is a specialist in a particular area, including women’s health, family medicine, dermatology and sexual health. You can also book annual health checks, blood tests and immunisations.

Imperial Private Healthcare

The Lindo Wing at St Mary’s, St Mary’s Hospital, Praed Street, London W2 1NY

Tel – 020 3311 7700

Imperial Private Healthcare is a private clinic based in St Mary’s Hospital. This gives you the extra reassurance that, if necessary, you can access the world-class healthcare offered there. In addition, your private GP can talk to experienced consultants, surgeons and specialists on-site, so you know you’re getting the best treatment.

At Imperial Private Healthcare, same-day, out of hours and home visits are available. You will always get the time you need to explain your symptoms, with the GP able to give a thorough assessment. Imperial Private Healthcare GPs also offer blood tests, vaccinations, health checks and medicals. Women can also access female-focused healthcare. You do not need to be a resident in the UK to use these services, so if you’re new to the UK or just visiting, you can still access world-class medical care. All profits from this practice are reinvested back into the NHS and private services at the Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust.

Walk-in Clinic

2 locations – City of London, Harley Street

Tel – 020 3553 3952

The Walk-in Clinic is a private GP service that does what it says on the tin. You can walk in at any time and access a full range of private GP services, from screening to women’s and men’s health, to vaccinations and more. Same-day appointments are guaranteed, so Walk-in Clinic GPs are always there when you need them. Each GP at Walk-in Clinic specialises in a different area, so the team will make sure you see the best person for your needs.

Walk-in Clinic runs two surgeries. One is in Harley Street – synonymous with excellent private healthcare in London. The other branch, in the City near Liverpool Street Station, opens earlier than any other Square Mile surgery. If you work in the City, it’s extra convenient. With experienced doctors, lightning-fast service and a transparent fee structure, the Walk-in Clinic is designed for busy Londoners.


11 locations across London – including Bond Street, Liverpool Street and Kings Cross

Tel – 020 7183 3254

With 11 clinics across Central London, Doctap aims to provide high-quality, cost-effective and convenient private GP services. If you live, work or visit Central London and you need a GP quickly, Doctap is always on hand with online and telephone booking. Doctap offers a wide range of GP services, including blood tests and sexual health screening. It also won’t break the bank, with consultations starting at £34 and no extra charges for writing prescriptions or referral letters. You can also choose to see a male or female doctor, if that is important to you.

Doctap aims to provide the same services as a traditional GP, without the waiting and the hassle. Whether you need help with mental health problems, skin conditions, eye or ear problems, or anything else, Doctap is here to help. 

London City Healthcare 

Ground Floor Lower, 63 Queen Victoria Street, London EC4N 4UA

Tel – 020 7236 3334

London City Healthcare offers fast access to experienced private GPs in the centre of the City. For many years, London City Healthcare has provided city workers and residents with the highest quality treatment. You can book same day or next day appointments – so you get the right treatment without the wait.

London City Healthcare specialises in blood tests, sexual health services and health for travellers. They also offer specialist women’s health services, as well as paediatrics. They are one of the few city private GP practices authorised to treat children on its premises. Each of its doctors has a minimum of five years’ post-grad experience and at least one other secondary qualification. London City Healthcare does not employ locums or agency doctors in any part of their business, so you know you’re getting the best. You can select which doctor you want to see when you book.

London General Practice

114a Harley Street, London W1G 7JL

Tel – 020 7935 1000

Located on Harley Street, London’s centre for private health, London General Practice provides its patients with a full private primary care service. It aims to offer excellent private healthcare 24/7/365. You can usually arrange a same-day appointment with London General Practice, even in the evenings or at weekends. Appointments last a minimum of 30 minutes, so you can explain your situation to your doctor, and they can conduct a thorough assessment without time pressure. 

London General Practice has its own diagnostic and analytical facilities on-site, so patients can go for tests straight after their initial consultation – and receive their results fast, often on the same day. In addition, it has relationships with London’s best private hospitals, so doctors can refer patients to the right specialists without delay. 

GP at London W1

25 Harley Street, London W1G 9QW

Tel – 020 4580 1152

GP at London W1 is located on Harley Street, London’s premier area for private healthcare treatment. The GPs at the practice are caring, experienced and innovative, able to consult on any aspect of general practice. They carry out their business in an unhurried manner and treat every patient as an individual, endeavouring to make them as comfortable as possible. You can choose to see the same GP every time you come to GP at London W1, so you can build a trusted relationship.

Services offered include well man and woman clinics, menopause management, blood tests, ECGs, travel vaccinations and flu jabs. GP at London W1 also provides a fully comprehensive family GP practice. It is usually easy to accommodate requests for same-day or next-day appointments. 

Sameday Doctor

52 Queen Anne Street, London W1G 8HL (also locations in Bank and Canary Wharf)

Tel – 020 7631 0090

Located just off Harley Street, Sameday Doctor is a private GP practice that does what it says in its name. It aims to allow its patients to see a doctor whenever they need to, with appointments on the day of booking and walk-in consultations available. It’s open late in the evenings and at weekends for extra convenience. Ideally, a patient will be with a doctor within twenty minutes of arriving at the surgery.

Sameday Doctor has assembled an experienced team of GPs, sexual health experts, consultants and advanced nurse practitioners, so you can get the correct treatment for your issues. Sameday Doctor’s GPs can prescribe appropriate medicines. Services offered include blood tests, cancer screenings, drug tests, sexual health and travel vaccinations. It was founded in 2003 and helps more than 20,000 patients every year.

GP Clinic London

25 Harley Street, London W1G 9QW

Tel – 020 7118 1816

Located at a state-of-the-art surgery on Harley Street (London’s private healthcare centre), GP Clinic London provides exceptional healthcare for its patients whenever they need it. GP Clinic London uses the latest evidence-based medicine and cutting edge technology to provide a patient-centred approach while upholding the traditional values that we like about GPs. For example, GP Clinic London is able to take blood tests and imaging on-site for extra speed and convenience.

GP Clinic London offers a full range of private GP services, including diagnosis and treatment for acute medical issues, second opinions, blood tests, sexual health screening, travel health and vaccinations. For international patients, GP Clinic London’s private GPs can perform hotel or home visits. They can also liaise with your regular doctor if necessary. 

Dr Martin

55 Harley Street, London W1G 8QR

Tel – 020 3859 6203

Dr Martin Saweirs is a private GP practising on Harley Street, the world-renowned centre for private health in Central London. Dr Martin offers flexible appointments during standard office hours. He aims to make a personal connection with his patients, which is why his name is on the company. When you can build a relationship with your doctor, there are innumerable benefits in terms of speed, convenience and continuity of care. Dr Martin achieves this by being straightforward, clear and understandable, as well as caring and efficient. He believes that medicine doesn’t need to be complicated.

Dr Martin’s services include treatment of illness, health screening, tests and scans, vaccinations and prescriptions. For excellent quality medical treatment with a personal touch, schedule an appointment with Dr Martin. 


96 Edgware Way, Edgware, HA8 8JS

Tel – 020 3818 9240

Edgcare is a private community family doctors based in Edgware, North London. It promotes itself as family medicine, delivered how it should be. Edgcare believes the best treatment happens when you get to know your doctor and they get to know you. So, they try to enable this at every opportunity. You have the time and space to talk to your doctor without the pressure of time, while they can familiarise themselves with your history and needs, and work out a bespoke treatment plan. The minimum length of a GP appointment at Edgcare is 30 minutes.

Edgcare offers fast appointments, often on the day of booking, if required. You can get appointments at weekends and evenings. It also aims to be affordable. Services offered include men’s and women’s health checks, blood tests, diagnostic imaging, vaccinations and consultant referrals. They are also equipped to treat international visitors. 

The Private GP Group

171 Clarence Avenue, New Malden, KT3 3TX (also clinics in Richmond and Hinchley Wood)

Tel – 020 8336 6550

Located in New Malden, in the South-West of London near Wimbledon, The Private GP Group offers accessible, affordable private healthcare. You can visit experienced GPs at a time that suits you, with fast appointments, as well as telephone, email and video consultations. The Private GP Group offers annual memberships, which makes seeing a doctor more convenient and more affordable, with special discounts for members. 

Services offered include health screening, immunisations, travel vaccinations, microsuction earwax removal and more. Each doctor at The Private GP Group has their own areas where they specialise, and their excellent admin team will make sure you see the right doctor for you.

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