Why change health insurance?

The cost of health insurance tends to increase each year as we age, regardless of whether we make a claim or not. By changing your health insurance at renewal time, you can reduce your premiums and keep them at a manageable level. We all too often see people not shop around and end up with policies they can no longer afford. If your health insurance renewal is due, then it’s the best time to speak to us.

Is it easy to change health insurance?

The process of changing health insurance is relatively straightforward, once you know which provider you’d like to switch to. Finding a new provider can take a little bit of time though, which is why it’s always worth speaking to a health insurance broker like ourselves. By working with a broker you can quickly find out which provider and policy will give you the best cover for your budget and ensure that any medical history isn’t jeopardised by switching.

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How to change health insurance

Follow these simple steps to change health insurance providers:

  1. Find an independent broker like ourselves
  2. Speak to an advisor
  3. We’ll research which policy would be best for your
  4. You choose your policy and provider
  5. We’ll arrange the switch for you

It’s as simple as that. Hassle-free policy switching by myTribe Insurance.

Is worth changing health insurance providers every year?

It very much depends on your circumstances and your claim history. In some cases, especially where there has been a recent claim, it’s more prudent to stay with your current health insurance provider, even if the price is increasing as they may offer cover for conditions that others won’t. Every circumstance and individual is unique, so when you speak to us, our FCA advisors will take the time to understand your position before advising you. If we think it’s better that you don’t change, then we’ll tell you to stay put.