There are over-the-counter pills that anyone can buy – from pain relievers to cough suppressants, antacids, and even fungal nail tablets. It means that you don't need a prescription to buy them. There are online pharmacies that sell them too. If you don't want to leave your house to stay safe, buying pills online is an excellent alternative.

Before you decide to buy over-the-counter pills, you should follow these tips to stay safe.

Consult your doctor

Sure, you don't need a doctor's prescription to buy these drugs. However, it doesn't mean it's safe to take them without your doctor's advice. If you can speak with your physician before the drug intake, it helps. Otherwise, ask your pharmacist first. Unless you have a medical background, it's unsafe to make medical decisions on your own.

Read the label cautiously

Drugs have labels. They include the ingredients used. If you already know which active ingredients you're allergic to, you have to avoid those pills. The label also indicates how potent the pill is. If you don't think you can take that drug, you have to suspend your plans.

Don't take medicines if you're taking other pills

If your doctor already gave you prescriptions for other medications, you should avoid taking pills for other health issues. You don't know if it's safe. There might be active ingredients that have contradicting purposes, and they could hurt you. Taking them at the same time could even lead to more health issues.

Only treat the symptoms you currently have

You might feel tempted to buy more medicines when you realise they don't require prescriptions. Remember that any type of drug can be addictive if you can't control yourself. Avoid anticipating other symptoms you might have soon. Focus on what you have now until you recover from it.

List all the medicines you take

You might also forget all the medicines you take if you have different health problems. List all of them for easy tracking. Include the medications you have taken in the past few weeks but you are no longer taking now.

Don't buy anything if you're pregnant or with other comorbidities

If you're pregnant or face other severe diseases, you shouldn't take over-the-counter medicines. Again, it helps if you talk to your doctor first before deciding what to use. You might recover from your current symptoms with the help of the drug, but it might have adverse effects in other ways.

Stop when you feel better

You take the pills to aid in relieving the symptoms. Once you start feeling better, you should stop. Your doctor will also tell you when it's time to stop. Otherwise, you might get addicted to it. Also, even if you didn't finish the entire set before recovery, you shouldn't finish it. Next time, think twice before buying over-the-counter medicines. When they're lying around, and you feel the slightest pain, you might take them. Unless necessary, you shouldn't be impulsive in using the pills.

Hopefully, you can recover from your symptoms and start to feel better with the help of appropriate medicine.