Please remember that different physios may specialise in different treatments. The best physio for you will depend on the treatment you need.   

The best physios in London are (in no particular order):

Read on for our independent review of each of the aforementioned providers.

Six Physio

9 locations across London, including Chelsea, Kensington and Moorgate

Tel - 020 3266 1062

Six Physio is one of London’s most established private physiotherapy providers, with more than 20 years of practice behind them. Six Physio offers physiotherapy, massage and machine-based Pilates, as well as a wide range of bespoke services. Six Physio’s Women’s health team are well known for doing an excellent job for their female clients, and they are now offering physiotherapy services to people suffering from long COVID. 

With nine locations across London – Chelsea, Finchley Road, Fitzrovia, Kensington, Lindfield, Mansion House, Monument, Moorgate and Parsons Green – there’s sure to be a Six Physio clinic close to your home or office. Six Physio offers specialist services for men, women (including pregnancy massage) and children. Whether it’s a bad back, sore shoulder or a painful knee, you’re sure to find the treatment you’re looking for at Six Physio.

London City Physiotherapy

63 Queen Victoria Street, City of London EC4N 4UA

Tel - 020 7236 3334

London City Physiotherapy prides itself on helping its customers find the right treatment for fast relief. It’s home to highly qualified specialists in physiotherapy, as well as Pilates trainers and massage therapists. As well as providing immediate relief, London City Physiotherapy’s experienced specialists will also try to treat the underlying problem behind your pain, which will reduce the chances of a reoccurrence.

London City Physiotherapy also offers bespoke services for runners. If you’re a keen runner training for an event like the London Marathon, London City Physiotherapy can make sure you stay healthy and minimise the risk of injury. You’ll find London City Physiotherapy’s flagship clinic deep in the heart of the City. There is also a smaller clinic in the iconic Canary Wharf Tower. 

Physiotherapy services in London

Pure Sports Medicine

7 locations across London – including St Paul’s, Moorgate and Wimbledon

Tel – 020 7788 7000

If you’re into sport, Pure Sports Medicine is the physio you need. Their specialist physiotherapists are dedicated to keeping you injury-free, so you can stay active doing what you enjoy. However, if the worst happens and you suffer an injury, Pure Sports Medicine’s musculoskeletal experts will guide you through your treatment and beyond. For sports medicine, massage therapy, physiotherapy, osteopathy and much more, Pure Sports Medicine has everything you need to get you back to your best.  

Pure Sports Medicine was founded in 2001 by an Australian ex-professional rugby player. When he snapped his Achilles tendon playing for the University of Oxford, he discovered that no one in London could match the expertise of the physiotherapists back home in Australia. So, he decided to start his own sports medicine practice. You could say it’s founded by sportspeople, for sportspeople. 

Ten Health and Fitness

10 locations including Notting Hill, Mayfair and The City

Tel - 020 7247 8895 (City branch)

Ten Health and Fitness are well-known for their fitness centres and personal trainers, but did you know they also offer physiotherapy? You can access Ten’s qualified and registered physiotherapists at one of their ten London locations or schedule a video consultation.

Ten believes in treating the cause of an injury rather than solely the symptoms, as it helps to relieve pain and enhance mobility for longer, reducing the chances of a recurrence. As well as treating injuries and general discomfort, Ten also specialises in sports physiotherapy that helps active people recover more quickly and minimise the likelihood of injury. If you’re struggling but don’t know why, you can schedule a full body MOT. Ten also offers non-invasive shockwave therapy as an alternative to surgery. If you want to move better, make Ten Health and Fitness your next call.

Health In Motion

54 Pitshanger Lane, Ealing, London W5 1QY

Tel - 020 8991 5280

Health in Motion is a specialist osteopathy clinic based in Ealing, West London. It was founded by Lola Phillips, who has been a registered osteopath for more than a decade. As well as osteopathy, Health in Motion offers physiotherapy services. Physiotherapy is similar to osteopathy in the conditions it addresses, but different in the approach its specialists follow.

Health in Motion’s physiotherapists adhere to a specified process to locate the tissues that cause you pain. Then, they will give you the best treatment to return you to full fitness. Health in Motion’s clinic in Ealing is designed to be contemporary and welcoming, creating an environment where you’ll feel comfortable as you receive your treatment. For a warm welcome and treatment that will get you moving again, call Health in Motion today.

London physio services

London Pain Clinic

9 Harley Street, London W1G 9QY

Tel – 020 7118 0250

The London Pain Clinic are consultants in pain medicine, with years of experience treating pain through a wide variety of methods, including physiotherapy. Their approach is in-depth assessment, followed by the right treatment to get you up and running again as quickly as possible. Everything is tailored to you through a personal plan.

One area that the London Pain Clinic specialises in is neck pain. Whether it’s muscle strain, arthritis, a disorder in your discs or the consequences of an injury, the clinic will find the correct treatment to eliminate your pain. Heat or ice treatments combined with stretching exercises to support your neck’s structures should help most of the time. However, if medication or surgery are needed, the London Pain clinic will help you.


113 Gauden Road, Clapham, London, SW4 6LE

Tel – 020 7627 2308

Located in Clapham, South-West London, Balance excels in physiotherapy for performance. Whether you’re an Olympian or a new London Marathon runner, Balance helps you make sure you can do what your love and stay healthy. You could even find yourself hitting new personal bests with the help of Balance. Of course, If you do unfortunately pick up an injury, Balance will be on hand to help.

Balance specialises in physiotherapy for women, with an exclusive team that deals only with women. You can find treatment for pregnancy-related back pain, pelvic girdle pain and other conditions more prevalent in women, as well as women-only fitness classes.

At Balance, you can free yourself from the pain that you thought you’d never be able to shift. Pain often lives in our backs and necks and we just put up with it. However, Balance empowers its clients to find a long-lasting, resilient solution. It will take a degree of effort to follow the processes that Balance recommends, but the results are definitely worth it. Finally, don’t forget to visit the Balance shop, where you can pick up devices to help you maintain your health, as well as supportive clothing to prevent injury as you exercise. 

Third Space Sports Med

5 locations across London, including Soho, Islington and Canary Wharf

Tel – 020 7439 6333

Third Space, the well-known luxury London health clubs brand, also offers physiotherapy services to members and non-members alike. Third Space’s specialists will identify the problem areas in your movement and then work to strengthen and correct any imbalances. This is excellent for treating injury and building up resilience to avoid further injuries. 

Third Space’s team make sure your muscles are powering your body in the right way, so you can move efficiently and with maximum coordination. The philosophy is to keep your body as fit as possible to avoid injuries, and if you get them, recover from them quickly with minimum disruption. Third Space also offers osteopathy and sports massage to help you reach peak performance and shorten recovery time.

Kingston Physio Group

3 locations in the Kingston-Upon-Thames area

Tel – 020 8541 5666

Kingston Physio Group provides treatment by chartered physiotherapists in Kingston-Upon-Thames, on the border between London and Surrey. They offer a wide range of treatments, including back and neck pain therapy, sports injury treatment, clinical Pilates, massage, acupuncture and more. 

One area where Kingston Physiotherapy specialises is treating golf injuries. Because golf involves repetitive action, it can cause uneven stress on your body, eventually leading to injuries. Kingston Physio will perform a musculoskeletal screening to identify any problems. Then, they recommend specific strength and stability exercises you can do to remedy these issues. Removing these stresses can make your play better as you will play more smoothly, so as well as feeling better, you’ll win more games! For anyone serious about golf, a trip to Kingston Physio could be worth its weight in gold. 

Croydon Physio

1 Upper Selsdon Road, Croydon CR2 8DD

Tel – 0208 651 3315

Based in Croydon on the London/Surrey borders, Croydon Physio offers a friendly, professional and affordable physiotherapy service. While they treat a lot of sports injuries, they also specialise in treating everyday minor joint and muscle pains, as well as rehabilitation work. Croydon Physio was founded in 2005 by Tim Allardyce. There is also a sister clinic in Surrey. The team use a wide variety of physiotherapy techniques, including laser and ultrasound, massage, manipulation and acupuncture.

Croydon Physio specialises in treating runners, with running experts on the team. They also run a clinic exclusively for marathon runners to help them avoid injury and work their way up to the big day. Keen runners can also get sports massage therapy and guidance on exercises. It’s no surprise that Tim and the team have worked with many Team GB Olympians across many different sports and disciplines.

Four Sides London

179 Northcote Road, London SW11 6QF

Based on Northcote Road in Battersea, Four Sides offers a space that is cool, not clinical. For example, rather than wait at reception, you walk straight into the treatment area. The team at Four Sides value the freedom of body movement and believe it is something you should protect and enjoy. At Four Sides, it’s as much about comfort, strength and flexibility as it is about treating pain. When you can move freely, your boost your quality of life.

Four Sides’ physiotherapists have a unique and in-depth understanding of the body’s critical factors for optimal function and performance. They will be highly specific in assessing and treating any injuries, intending to maximise recovery and prevent relapses in the future. After an initial consultation, you can choose between 30 and 60-minute hands-on follow-up sessions to continue your treatment.

White Hart Clinic

10 White Hart Lane, Barnes, London SW13 0PY

Tel – 020 8876 9897

Based in Barnes in South-West London, the White Hart Clinic has been operating for more than 20 years across a variety of disciplines, including physiotherapy. White Hart Clinic’s physiotherapists are experts at eliminating pain, as well as helping with mobility issues and rehabilitating after surgery or sports-related injuries. The team will take account of your medical history as well as the case at hand. Then, they will devise a personalised treatment plan tailored to your needs. White Hart Clinic also has a dedicated assessment for runners. 

White Hart Clinic specialises in women’s health physiotherapy, with a specific team to treat and advise women on continence issues, prolapse issues, pelvic pain and more. In addition, women can attend White Hart Clinic for a series of full-body MOTs during pregnancy, the post-natal period and during menopause.

Helen Keeble

Third Space Soho, 67 Brewer Street, Soho, London, W1F 9US

Tel - 020 7439 7332

Helen Keeble is an experienced physiotherapist specialising in pelvic health. Since 2008, Helen has worked in this area. She is currently the clinical lead and Director at the prestigious pH Physiotherapy company, treating men and women in London and Dublin.

Helen works with female athletes to help them recover from injury and improve performance, including runners, powerlifters and footballers. She was one of the official physiotherapists at the 2012 London Olympics and worked at Queen’s Tennis Club.

As well as treating patients one-on-one, Helen Keeble often speaks on pelvic health at public and professional events. She is also a regular guest on health podcasts and has contributed to many published articles on pelvic health and physiotherapy.

Kids Physio London

2 Sheredan Road, Highams Park, London, E4 9RW

No telephone number available

Kids Physio London is a paediatric physiotherapy clinic, mainly treating children with neurological conditions. It was founded in 2011 by Donna Nicol, a qualified physiotherapist with more than 20 years of clinical experience treating babies, children and teenagers. The team consists of Donna and three full-time physios.

Donna and her team’s philosophy is evidence-based treatment, helping children reach their full potential despite their disabilities. But, of course, each treatment is tailored to the specific needs of the patient and their family. 

Physio for children in London

Excellence Physiotherapy and Osteopathy London

3 locations across London – Belgravia, Monument, Clapham

Tel – 020 7125 0262

Excellence Physiotherapy provides treatments for a wide variety of problems. Each team member is a specialist in a specific field, so when you call them, they’ll assign you the right physiotherapist for your individual needs.

As well as treating back and neck pain, and dealing with sporting injuries, Excellence Physiotherapy also specialises in many issues that are not as prevalent. For example, it has specific departments for rheumatology (arthritis) issues, respiratory physiotherapy (chest), bursitis, scoliosis and posture correction.

Excellence Physiotherapy’s professionals also work with companies in London to improve their work environment. When you put some thought into the way you lay out your office and the equipment you provide for your employees, you can make your office a healthier place to work and avoid physio issues. 

Private health insurance and physiotherapists

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